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23/11/2016 NEW 2017 PAOLI PITSTOP Catalogue out now!

21/07/2015  Air & Allied Sales provides Red Bull Racing Australia with unparalleled Solution!

Another unparalleled solution provided by Air & Allied Sales (Pacific) Pty Ltd....

For over a year now, behind the scenes, The team at Air & Allied Sales have been diligently working with Paoli Pit Stop and Red Bull Racing Australia to deliver a product that "Ticks all the boxes".

Today we are proud to announce the project has delivered an outstanding product that far exceeds the expectations of our client, with only one part requiring replacement after 650 Pit Stops....

Not a bad result considering, as a rule, the previously used pit wheel guns would be serviced and parts replaced after each race or at best every second race....

We have not only achieved,  yet also exceeded targets set, and with wheel nuts tightened to require torque within 0.3 of a second, YES that's right, 0.3 of a second, we look forward to seeing some serious action in Pit Lane for the V8 Supercar series in the future ....  and there is more to come...

One main focus of the project was to ensure the product is readily available to all competitors, and we look forward to introducing this product to all within the category!

Do you have a requirement that requires a solid solution?

From Automotive, Construction & Mining, right though to Motorsport, with over 40 years history the Team at Air & Allied Sales are here to help!

CLICK HERE to go to the Red Bull Racing Australia site



23/03/2015  Professional Powder Coating Services NOW Available.

Air & Allied Sales (Pacific) Pty Ltd is proud to announce we are now able to provide professional powder coating services for refurbishment of your Pit Stop Wheel Guns or any other product you may wish to have powder coated.


When you send your Pit Stop Guns, or any other product in for servicing, we are able to offer the option to have your product professionally powder coated to bring it back to "as new" look and feel.  We are able to offer this service on virtually any other item you may wish to have coated.  We have a wide range of premium colours and finishes available for your exact requirements.


All surfaces undergo a rigorous cleaning procedure, and then the surfaces are etched and chemically treated, ready for the coating of your choice.  All areas are professionally masked to ensure the highest quality finish, ensuring threads and appropriate areas are not affected by the coating procedure and are ready for assembly!

Anodising services are also available, for further information please contact us.


14/03/2015  Macca's World's Greatest Shave 2015


On 14th of March 2015 Ryan McDonald AKA "Macca" participated on the Leukaemia Foundation's "Worlds Geatest Shave" to help raise funds for the fight against Blood Cancers.

Air & Allied Sales would like to encourage everyone to dig deep for this worthy cause and to CLICK HERE to donate to Macca's Official page of the Leukaemia Foundation's Web Site.


The Leukaemia Foundation receives no ongoing government funding and relies on people like you to support their Vision to Cure and Mission to Care.

All donations over $2.00 are acknowledged with a receipt and are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.



06/03/2015  Air & Allied Sales (Pacific) speeds the race for Red Bull Racing Australia


 Air & Allied Sales (Pacific) Pty Ltd and Triple Eight Race Engineering, the powerhouse behind multiple V8 Supercars Champions Red Bull Racing Australia, have recently teamed up in an exclusive three-year Partnership.


The Partnership involves Air & Allied Sales supplying Paoli Pit Stop and other product and technical support to Triple Eight, in turn benefitting other V8 Supercars Teams and competitors, by developing faster and more reliable pit stop equipment.


Managing Director Marcus Ghikas and the team at Air & Allied Sales (Pacific) Pty Ltd have been diligently working to satisfy Triple Eight’s high performance demands, evolving innovative solutions to assist the current V8 Supercars champions in their quest for fast, reliable and durable pit stop equipment. Marcus is extremely proud to announce important development work is nearing completion, with the imminent availability of products for all forms of Motorsport.


Air & Allied Sales have been supplying not only the Motorsport Industry for the past 17 years, but have been supplying and supporting all areas of industry for over 40 years.  Air Allied Sales make development seamless with their long-standing relationships with the manufacturing arms of their suppliers in various countries.  Quality, durability, performance and safety for the operator are the underpinning philosophies when delivering any new products and services.


 “I would like to thank Dino Paoli S.R.L (Paoli Pit Stop) who have been outstanding in assisting Air Allied Sales to deliver a product with unparalleled performance and durability”, said Mr Ghikas.


Red Bull Racing Australia Race Team Manager Mark Dutton commented, “Marcus, Air & Allied Sales and Paoli Pit Stop have very quickly been able to assess and satisfy our requirements, delivering on this project within the tight time frames our sport demands. The entire Team is excited to be involved with such a passionate and dedicated Partner with a proven history for delivering”. 


Mark also went on to comment “Marcus and his team are the number one choice for anyone requiring specialist product solutions in this area – whether the industry is Motorsport or a completely different field within Air and Allied Sales scope of expertise”.


03/03/2015  New Earth Strap Bending Tool available..

Today we have available a new tool specifically designed and manufactured for Industrial Electrical  Contractors who requested a solution to their problem.

We have now delivered this solution and it is available for anyone requiring to perform this task on site.

Check out the video for more information or you can visit our on line catalogue for more information.



04/02/2015  Paoli Pitstop Motorsport Sockets

Brand new line of Premium Motorsport sockets for Pit Lane and Garage use.

Titanium, Aluminium and Steel sockets for a range of vehicles.  Models catered for are: Ferrari F430, F458 GT2, F458 GT3, Dallara Indycar, Porsche 997 RSR, Porsche 996 and 997 Carrera Cup Cars, Ferrari 430 Challenge, GP3 WSR F3 & GP2.

Please click on the image below to open the PDF and review your choices.

We look forward to supporting you with our premium manufactured products!     





Direct Flow and Dry Break Quick Release High Flow Premium Couplers available now, click on the page links below for more information.

These couplers are proven in the most demanding applications and feature a unique "wedge" locking mechanism that distributes the load over a larger surface when compared to ball mechanisms.  It is this mechanisim when placed in a high vibration/resonance environments that it stands out as the number one performer, whilst delivering high flow rates.  These are manufactured in Germany to the highest standards.  These quick release couplers, can be used for all types of fluid including but not limited to oil, brake fluid, fuels and Bespoke designs can be accomodated.



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