air allied compnay background

Air & Allied Sales (Pacific) Pty Ltd is a long term dedicated importer and supplier of industrial products and services, namely the TOKU brand, to the mining, construction and resource industries.  

Since 1974 we have supplied industrial air tools, chain hoists, winches and accessories for above and underground applications which meet regulatory requirements, including ATEX certified products.

With our comprehensive knowledge of the industry, unparalleled technical assistance, after sales support, we have been successful in efficiently supplying and supporting our valued clients.  This is achieved through a commitment to offer products with definite advantages in quality, performance and durability.

It is the supply of such products and services which allow our clients to enhance their production schedules, whilst reducing operational costs and improving safety within their processes.

We believe the forging of strategic alliances with our valued clients is a key factor in the long term success of not only our business, but our clients and the industry as a whole.

We have learnt over this time, one important thing, we never stop learning!  With this philosophy in hand, we are always eager to listen to your requirements and offer what we believe to be the right product for your specific application.


air allied compnay background

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