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  • Air & Allied Sales provides Red Bull Racing Australia with unparalleled Solution!

    Another unparalleled solution provided by Air & Allied Sales (Pacific) Pty Ltd…. For over a year now, behind the scenes, The team at Air & Allied Sales have been diligently working with Paoli Pit Stop and Red Bull Racing Australia to deliver a product that “Ticks all the boxes”.

  • Professional Powder Coating Services NOW Available.

    Air & Allied Sales (Pacific) Pty Ltd is proud to announce we are now able to provide professional powder coating services for refurbishment of your Pit Stop Wheel Guns or any other product you may wish to have powder coated.

  • Macca’s World’s Greatest Shave 2015

    On 14th of March 2015 Ryan McDonald AKA “Macca” participated on the Leukaemia Foundation’s “Worlds Geatest Shave” to help raise funds for the fight against Blood Cancers.


Kris from Red Bull Racing explains the benefits and safety features of our Quick Release Steering Coupler from Air & Allied Sales (Pacific) Pty Ltd.

To get your coupler contact us on or for more information go to our Product Catalogue and look in Motorsport Products section.

Congratulations to Red Bull Racing Australia – Bathurst 1000, 2015 Winners! Proudly supported by Air & Allied Sales (Pacific) Pty Ltd and Paoli Pit Stop, Red Bull Racing Australia have the fastest wheel guns in Pit Lane. If you want the best and most durable pit equipment, talk to us!

Since 1998 Air & Allied Sales (Pacific) Pty Ltd has been providing world class products namely Paoli Pit Stop and Krontec to all areas of motorsport in Australia, New Zealand and surrounding regions. These products are used in V8 Supercars, F1, Indy Cart, IRL, DTM, World Rally to name a few.

Air & Allied Sales (Pacific) Pty Ltd is the exclusive authorized importing agents for world renowned Paoli Pit Stop and Krontec products. Not only have we satisfied existing requests of our clients, we have also introduced new revolutionary exclusive designed products to the demanding V8 Supercar Series. These products have proven themselves to be, not only the lightest and fastest, but also the most durable products used.


Direct Flow and Dry Break Quick Release High Flow Premium Couplers available now, click on the page links below for more information.

These couplers are proven in the most demanding applications and feature a unique “wedge” locking mechanism that distributes the load over a larger surface when compared to ball mechanisms. It is this mechanisim when placed in a high vibration/resonance environments that it stands out as the number one performer, whilst delivering high flow rates. These are manufactured in Germany to the highest standards. These quick release couplers, can be used for all types of fluid including but not limited to oil, brake fluid, fuels and Bespoke designs can be accomodated.