1/2″ BSP Male Thread HI FLOW swing coupler with 11mm ID bore to maximise air flow and gain the most out of your application.

This coupler features a unique side entry system whereby the “plug” fitting is easily and safely connected to the coupler, then to engage the coupler all you have to do is straighten the two. As you straighten the couplers, the air flow is opended by a simple solid “ball valve” there is also a locking ring to securely keep them together.

The simple and robust components of this coupler provide maximum durability and reliability, and with no internal valve to interupt the flow, as you see in other couplers, the flow is completely uninterrupted!

Disconnection is Quick Easy and Safe… The coupler has a solid locking ring that keeps the two components together, and even with the locking ring disengaged the coupler still cannot come apart as you have to bend the joint at 90 degrees to disconnect as well. At the same time we have eliminated any safety issue with backpressure causing the couplings to “blow apart” when you disconnect them because as you bend the couplings the socket also vents the retained pressure in the line before you get to the point of disconnection!

You cannot accidently disconnect the joined couplers, even when dragging across the floor, the system does not permit this to happen!

Nothing else on the market has these features all in one package. Also you can purchase separately a Protective cover part# 29500531 for this coupler and it also shields the operators hands from venting air – further adding safety!