1/4″ Professional 1,800 rpm pistol grip screwdriver complete with Pro Grip. This product features quality internal components to provide durability and performance at a competitive price.

The clutch mechanism allows you to set the rate at which the tool will “slip” allowing you to set the tool for each application. The adjustment of the clutch is quick and easy with basic tools. The setting of the tool cannot be altered without the basic tools, which makes it great for production lines where you may not want the operators to freely adjust the tool settings.

The Pro Grip makes it comfortable to use and it also serves to assist in reducing the effects from the “chill factor” normally associated with air tools. The exhaust is silenced and is directed through the bottom of the handle. Quick change retainer makes bit changeout quick and easy!

This tool can also be fitted with an optional extra silencer assembly (Part# G-15 or G-15B) to further reduce the noise level – an important OH&S feature!