1″ Square drive Industrial pistol grip impact wrench, made in Japan. This is a strong durable product which has proven power and durability.

The single pinless hammer design is patented, it is more durable than other single hammer designs and delivers a solid powerful blow making it ideal for assembly and maintenance of trucks etc. The hammer by its design also generates less vibration. Tool also comes with a 360 degree rotating silenced exhaust and a hanger point for use with suspension systems (if required).

Featuring a 2 step throttle for precise control, the tool also has a 4 position speed regulator, comfortable elastomer side handle and the solid easy to operate forward/reverse lever can be easily changed when wearing protective gloves.
The front case can be rotated to allow the side handle to be placed in different positions – making it versatile in its gripping positions to suit your various applications. The anvil comes with both ring and hole socket retaining system, further adding to the flexibility of this tool.

This model has a standard length anvil.

Additional information

Weight 9.6 kg