3/4″ Square drive Industrial pistol grip impact wrench fitted with polyurethane protective cover, made in Japan. Cold Forged Twin Hammer mechanism making it far superior to any other on the market in its class. This product is perfect for tyre industry, mining and construction where lightweight, power and performance is required in a quality and competitively priced product.

This product features both ring and pin socket retainer system giving you added flexibility. Also included is a 360 degree swivel air inlet to eliminate tangled supply hoses, quiet air exhaust which is directed through the bottom of the handle away from the operator, 4 step speed controller for varied torque output and a rubber front protector to protect both the tool and the rim or application surface.

This product is tried and tested for many years and still beats many of its competitors in weigh, power and durability!

This model has a standard length anvil and polyurethane protective cover.