Industrial 12mm capacity pistol grip pneumatic tapper c/w quick release chuck. This product features an advanced ergonomic design, silenced handle exhaust, high reliability and durability, coupled with speed and precision making this the tool of choice for many users.

Our specifically selected tapping tools will increase productivity in any sector of industry. They are widely used in the mechanical engineering and woodworking industries for operations such as tapping blind and through holes, cleaning threads after painting and mounting inserts and stud bolts.

Based on a “Push-Pull” forward/reverse mechanism, the direction of rotation is quick and easy. This model is activated via the solid trigger button. This tool comes as standard with the B-10 (7620005) Quick Release Chuck.

We have a large selection of “Tap Retainers” to accept varying sizes of taps used throughout industry. Please refer to the PDF guide under “Technical Documents” to selecting the correct sized retainer. These retainers fit inside the quick release chuck.

Other models available have a pivoting, forward/reverse trigger mechansim. Please review our catalogue, and as always, if you cannot find what you are looking for, simply contact us, we are here to help!

Additional information

Dimensions 245 cm