Small and lightweight yet solid! Made in Japan from the best quality materials will provide years of performance and durability.

This chipping hammer is suitable for many applications such as removing rocks, mud and debris from earthmoving machinery tracks for general maintenance and servicing through to stone work and everything in between.

The spring retainer on this tool also aids in absorbing some of the impact generated by the chisel on the retainer, and thus reduces some of the vibration. The spring retainer also lasts longer and has a considerably cheaper replacement cost to that of the solid retainer systems used on other tools.

This model has a hexagonal shaft bush, you can order AA0B (R) for the round bush version, however the hexagonal bush provides better chisel and moil point control.

•Precision valve allows excellent control during operation
•Replaceable bushing
•Simple, reliable coil spring retainer
•2 types of bushing available (round or hex) this model is hex

Fully supported by Air & Allied Sales technical assistance and spare parts from stock!